humongous life


b. 1989, on a farm in Massachusetts region known as the "Happy Valley."

Like most people, I have one physical quality that stands out. 

I am a 6'9" woman. This has always made me hyper-aware of two things: (First) how do I interact with the space around me? Example, there is huge contrast between squeezing into a corner store in NYC and traipsing through a ranch mansion in Colorado.

(Second) How is my self-image is affected by people's constant responses to my appearance, and likewise how does my appearance affects other's identities? For example, I usually clash with people who feel pressure to fit strict gender roles, since I'm biologically engineered so far outside of the social norm.

Inspired by my unique perspective, I want to create spaces and incidents where the audience is the protagonist. Whether or not they're aware of it, the audience follows their internal being as it translates out of their body, permeates the space around them, interacts with others in the space, and travels back within, affected by the space and the social environment. Ideally its both entertaining and enlightening, and socially unifying.

I started engineering environments in high school, throwing and maintaining massive life-affirming parties. In college (MassArt) I managed the school's experimental event production team, getting hands on with everything - office, planning, budgeting / grant writing, lighting & sound, dressing, and stage managing. In 2011 I started work at the Telluride Film Festival, eventually becoming production manager for one of the largest of their 9 theaters. In NYC I designed the layout and displays for Flea Market, an antique store in Flatiron. I also designed a few short term rental apartments. 

I'm a visual artist exploring the same ideas of selfness, unity, and space. And I write, a lot.




Aly Stosz

Hi! I'm Aly, the 6'9" real-life giant. I always have to consider the space around me, so I don't accidentally elbow anyone in the eye or break any precious heirlooms. Do you ever think about how you fit in this world?

You are both humongous and tiny at the same time. Consider the magnitude of our Universe, from atoms to quasars. It doesn't really matter what height you are. It does matter how you inhabit the world you live in. How do you proceed through the universe, in the spaceship that is your life?


I invite you to explore spaces with me -

(2D) *flat spaces* images, for you to dive into thought adventures

(3D) *round spaces* environments to boggle or titillate both mind & body

(?D) *live spaces* - we spend time in many places... at home, at the store, in a garden, meditating... and hopefully putting ourselves into fun social spaces or unexpected experiences

Each of my passions budded during childhood. I painted and drew nonstop as a toddler. By age five I was designing luxuriant bedrooms. As a gigantic teenager I threw huge parties celebrating life, art, and music. In my 20s I managed the seasonal building and dismantling of a cinematic experience at Telluride Film Festival. Along the way I've designed a profusion of event spaces, homes, and boutiques using found material and unique constructions.

Email about commissions and collaborations! I'm available for art and graphics, consulting on your space (home or business), event production, and interior design. Also, I love making performances & appearances! Book me for your next phenomenon.

CV available upon request.